Forgroup is the holding company controlling one of the most comprehensive collection of websites covering the careers, entertainment and leisure sectors.


We aim to provide resources for everyone to plan and enjoy their lifestyle to the full. So whatever you are looking for in your career and your free time....... you will be able to find it on the forgroup range of services.


Forgroup will expand through internal development of it's services. To succeed in it's rapid development plans it will form strategic partnerships and engage in franchise deals with major online and offline organisations that enhance it's service range. So watch this space for more...

We are always looking at ways we can promote and improve services. Organisations interested in partnership deals that have services that they believe can add value to the forgroup range of services can email us at


In the new internet age information is available to all users across the world without any boundaries. The question is what can we provide users ? What do they need ? The answer is many and varied, too many for one to contemplate.

So how do you attract customers and gain their long term attraction? You build a foundation of sites that cover the two main areas areas of life. And what are these two main areas?
We've heard the phrase "Work to live......not live to work" ... this phrase establishes the main two battle areas in our lives ..... that's to work... and our free time! So the challenge is to create a range of services that cover both.

However as different users needs are so varied how can you be specific and useful to each user? We face the issue with meeting individual users needs whilst appealing to the masses. A"web of webs" is just the way to do this.... have specific area focus for personalised content for different user needs.

When users are searching for a holiday they go to, when they want to consider their home improvement needs go to ..... to even when they want to order takeaway then its The forgroup will channel traffic across all sites through internal links and it's external branding proposition. As time passes and each user's needs change then it's back to the main site to find the resources they need.

Getting down to the pure basics it's about meeting peoples needs... and that's the foundation of the


Many projects are planned for development and release. So watch this space...

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